Lead by example


In Plato's work "The State" it is called a "collective contract", J.J. Rousseau calls it a "social contract". We call it a role model!

CSDD Priekszime KV3

The most important sign on the road? An example! This time it's a story about traffic, but for centuries it has been a story about mutual agreement, as a result of which each individual and the society as a whole are able to live better.

Already starting with Plato's "State", where this idea was called "collective contract", continuing with John Locke in the 17th century and the concept of "social contract" introduced by him, which was also adopted in his works by the voice of the French Enlightenment, J.J. Rousseau. By the way, this idea pervades the concepts of positive and negative freedom of Riga resident Isaiah Berlin.

What does all this have to do with this ad campaign? True insights live across generations. An example is the most important sign that we show to others and the sign that affects us. The pattern in traffic is that "social contract" - our agreement that we will follow the rules so as not to injure or kill each other.

Often, signs turn into customs, customs into rules and rules into laws. This is how a legally founded society is formed. You will see, less than a year will pass and we will all, thanks to a good example, see more and more responsible scooterists and helmeted cyclists.