Summer is here and I just can’t get enough!

Galleria Riga

After the long winter, all we needed was a healthy dose of summer sun.

GR Tram
GR Terrace OOH

Summer doesn’t need a slogan, just a warm weather. But as a reminder of what we were all missing over those cold months, we put together a couple of slogans and pretty visuals to show residents how beautiful it is on the roof terrace of Galleria Riga. We split the campaign into 3 stages to reflect the three stages of summer. The beginning, when you’re enchanted by the sudden heat - “I’m booking a table for the whole summer!“, the middle, when you’ve warmed up and you’re enjoying the summer - “I don’t need a plate, serve me on the roof!”, “This is where the meal tastes best!” and the end of summer - “Summer is here and I just can’t get enough”.

Gr Terrace KV
GR Terrace KV2