A party animal against one's will

Latvian Fund for Nature

For you the festival will end in 3 days, but for Jozefs the boar it will end only when the last piece of confetti rots in the nearby forest.

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Party animal Chatbot

We humans are party animals. We love celebrations, get-togethers and parties. So far so good. Problems start when we turn others into party animals - those who don't want to become party animals, but are forced to, because our party waste continues to rot everywhere. Over the past twenty years, our relationship with the environment and man-made environmental problems has improved. In other words, we got over the denial phase and now we can admit - yes, there are things we do wrong and that's why we can start to change our habits and do the right thing. Hosting more environmentally friendly events is one of the topics where we have room to grow. It's a fresh facet of environmentalism that has not been explained in a campaign so far, so we used symbols already familiar to the audience - representatives of the Latvian fauna who "partied" in digital formats and DOOH, explained the problem in a video, and representatives of "natural intelligence" created a conversation on the campaign website, giving immediately accurate advice.

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