Stress has no chance, because Stressbuster has started his work at "Riga" airport.

Stressbuster COVER
Stressbuster KV2

The moment you enter the airport and you don't understand where to go, what to do, where to put your luggage, what to do with non-standard luggage, where to change your child's diapers, what items are allowed and not allowed through security control... Who You gonna call? Stressbuster!

RIX Stressbuster is a fictional character. The similarity with any other character is absolutely justified and logical. His personality embodies an absurd enthusiasm, a positive calmness, an all-in-control attitude when it comes to travel planning.

The task of the RIX Stressbuster is to communicate about what seems so self-evident, but is often forgotten - the code of conduct for airport guests, logistics and time management. Everything that could cause stress at a time when the situation is already irritated and there is not much time to find… Where is the gate my flight leaves from!!!!!!

RIX Stressbuster KV1