Your contract expresses your position


We all support Ukraine wholeheartedly. However, it may happen that we unknowingly support the aggressor.

Every time we turn on our gas stoves and heating boilers, we consume gas and generate profit for someone. Everything can be fine with the origin of the gas, but the company's owners should also be evaluated so that you know where the money you paid for gas goes to. At least 34% of Latvian Gas belongs to Gazprom, which maintains a mercenary group fighting in Ukraine. So it is very likely that part of your money goes to the aggressor. To highlight this fact, together with Elektrum, we created a campaign with the message: Your natural gas contract expresses your position. We divided the campaign into 2 stages. In the first, using the poster style, we highlighted the problem. In the second we offered an alternative or - Elektrum. Elektrum is a natural gas trader that supports Ukraine in every way. Having a natural gas contract with Elektrum you express your position.