A gift we cannot live without!

Latvian Fund for Nature

The possibility to present 1 m2 of natural meadows is a great gift for us - humans, while for plants, birds and insects, it is their home they cannot live without.

LDF davana bez kuras kartite

Case study

Natural meadows are on the verge of extinction in Latvia, only 0.7% are left. To help them recover, we launched a Christmas campaign where people had the opportunity to give 1 m2 of natural meadow to somebody as a present. Looking at the essence of both meadows and ideal gifts, we saw that both are united - by the gift we cannot live without. While humans are overjoyed with the gift, for plants, birds and insects it is all real, because their existence is endangered without this gift. We trusted to convey this truth to the dragonfly.

*Each gift was a donation to the meadow recovery program.