When heroic deeds are your everyday routine

Ziedot LV

When heroic deeds are your everyday routine, a superhero costume is a must-have. Mollii electrode suit has 58 embedded electrodes, allowing people with special needs to live a fuller and easier life.

Ziedot LV Supervaroni

Innovative technologies allow children with functional impairments live a fuller life or recover faster. Molii electrode suits are one of such innovations, but how do they work? 58 embedded electrodes stimulate the nervous system and muscles to help the wearer do things we take for granted – get some peaceful sleep, eat on their own, move around on their own with more awareness and no pain. For people with functional impairments even simple everyday activities can be superhero-level heroic deeds, so Molii electrode suits are perfectly suited for everyday superheroes. The campaign goal was reached – funds were raised for nearly 30 kids in Latvia to get to use Molii suits.

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