Midsummer is happening


As we started work on the Maxima midsummer campaign we realised that after the first Covid wave the celebrations would raise some questions besides the usual menu of beer, cheese and mosquitoes.

Maxima Ligo Bus Cover 1920x1080
Maxima Ligo Bus Laptop Content 3
Maxima Ligo Bus Cover 1920x1080

Will gatherings be allowed? Will we have to stay away from each other? What are others going to say? How do we celebrate? Can we visit family? And will there even be a midsummer this year?! We decided that Maxima as the largest retailer in Latvia can say it loud and clear – midsummer is happening! So it did. With a graphic style that adapted beautifully to dozens of formats in ATL and BTL channels.

Maxima Ligo Bus OOH Content 2