Make room


When it comes to digital products, it is important to remember that we want the perfect experience not only in the digital but also in the real environment.


Riga Airport is among the largest air transport hubs in the Baltic region. This means that the range of airport products and services must go well beyond the expectations of airport guests. New ways of facilitating the experience and creating effective products that will make it easier to travel more pleasantly should be sought. The campaign started by exploring the mission. Namely, data indicated that after more than two years and multiple Covid waves, consumers travel much more alertly. We committed to develop every Riga Airport product with the clear goal of cutting down on the stress level, i.e. the communication of STRESS FREE. E-commerce platform we entrusted the top product – the long-term parking lot. During the campaign development process we adapted to the media plan and leveraged the VOD format by turning heads with a large-size arrow placed on the Vansu Bridge, while in other formats we presented the oh-so-common principle by buying tickets to a theatre or a concert – your place turns red to green. And you get the green light to enjoy the expected trip carefree!